It seems like God called us to live our life out loud, encouraging others from the circumstances and events that challenge us to love and trust Him more deeply.

Sarah shared our experience of God’s overwhelming grace through infertility, our miscarriage and adopting Phoebe at a Cru Campus Christmas conference in Baltimore before New Years Eve, and we were surprised by how our message of restoration resonated with the 1000 students and staff in the room.  Sarah talked about brokenness, living in “the now and the not yet,” and looking to Jesus as our ultimate healer.

RADIATE 2012 – Sarah Evers from Mid-Atlantic Cru on Vimeo.

Your prayers and giving enable us to tell people in New York City and around the world how Jesus restores and transforms lives. Thank you for your partnership.

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13 Responses to Restoration

  1. Kristin S says:

    Ministered to my soul.

  2. Jody McComas says:

    I enjoyed watching your talk. Thanks so much for sharing it on here. Our stories are similar in so many ways. I’d love to connect more sometime.

  3. Rene says:

    Loved it! Fun to relive the story with you – I laughed, I cried, I could relate in a lot of ways. Thanks for being brave enough to allow people into your story – the story God is writing for you!

  4. Sharon Evers says:

    Wow, Sarah! I hung on to every word! What a beautiful testimony! I don’t know what to write, would love to just give each of you a hug. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad Evers

  5. Jackie Wallace says:

    Thanks for sharing Sarah. It was fun both seeing and listening while you shared yours and Mike’s beautiful story of how God worked so lovingly in your life.
    Hugs, Jackie Wallace

  6. Jenee Fetterhoff says:

    Hmmm! Wonderful to hear this and grapple with the reality of life in the light of God’s giving and taking. Thank you for expressing all of this for many ears to hear and hopefully, hearts to embrace. It touched my heart! May I trust Him more!

  7. Tab Patel says:

    Kristin forwarded me this link and I loved, loved, loved hearing your story (or God’s story should I say). I can relate and understand in so many ways. Rejoicing with you for the gift of Phoebe and excited to hear what else is to come.

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  9. Kitty says:

    Our family has walked through a similar journey and so Kristin Stewart sent me this video. It was so great to hear your story. Thanks for sharing!

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