Mike‘s take on life is very holistic and redemptive.  When he meets people he wants to hear their story.  He’s able to make connections to hurts and heartaches while seeing how Jesus can make all the difference in the world. Mike values the process, asking questions, learning along the way, and inviting Jesus to redeem the hurt, broken and stolen places in people’s hearts.

Mike likes Brazil, the sun, and lazy Sunday afternoons.

Sarah is often on the go, tackling obstacles and adventures, and reading whatever she can get her hands on.  She’s a visionary dreamer who thinks in “systems” and “truth”.  Sarah loves to help people discover and live out their divine calling.

As a guest blogger for Cru Press Green‘s Campus Blog, Sarah is also part of the speaker team for the “Cru Press Presents” video series, a resource for developing strong campus movements.

Sarah likes middle-eastern food, using paint to redecorate a room, and her aquarium dvd.

In 2012, while still choosing faith after dealing with 4 years of infertility and a recent miscarriage,  God gave us the most amazing gift when we had the privilege to become parents to our Cutie PIE.  Mike wrote a beautiful response just two weeks after we met her birth mother. We’re grateful for the constant reminder that God sees us.

One final thing, and it’s a common confusion:  it’s EE-vers not “Eh-vers”.  We probably won’t correct you, and it’s not that big a deal.  It took Sarah’s Nana nearly two years to learn the correct pronunciation!