I’ve discovered the joy, fun and delight of cooking after we moved to New York City, which is somewhat ironic since most people discover  the joy of going out.  Here are some of my recent favorite recipes. Enjoy!

  • Black Bean “Stoup” :: this is an easy, yummy, hearty soup/stew from Rachael Ray
  • Sausage-Tomato Soup :: an easy, yummy, hearty soup from AllRecipes.com
  • Eggplant Parmesan :: delicious and light since you bake the eggplant, rather than fry it.  Weight Watchers approved!
  • Vanilla Scented Sweet Potato Puree :: WOW!  I made a few slight changes to the recipe by the Voltaggio Brothers (Michael and Bryan Voltaggio), and it’s a lick-your-plate, I’ll-take-another-helping kind of dish!  Simple, too! (Nov 2011)
  • Pumpkin Bisque with Smoked Gouda :: Yum.  Sounds fancy, right? (Nov 2011)
  • Sweet Potato-Coconut Meringue Pie :: This was my first meringue pie.  It takes some time, but it was a hit at a potluck and at home! (Nov 2011)
  • Esau’s Soup :: “Soup so good you’d sell your birthright for it!”  This is a beef-barley soup with Velveeta cheese.  Filling and yummy.
  • Bella’s Brussels Sprouts :: Let Brussels sprouts win you over with bacon, onions and balsamic vinegar!
  • Raw Brussels Sprouts and Kale Salad  ::  Yes! Another sprouts recipe, and this one is yummy, too.  Surprisingly yummy, if you ask me.  Who knew that these unusual veggies could taste so good… raw?? (June 2012)

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