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1 Million Meals for Haiti

Spring Break is notorious for self-indulgence, over-indulgence and immediate gratification.  (Trust me, the scene gets worse every year! But that’s a different post.) But one of the bright spots all month long involves students taking an hour or so to assemble a nutrient-rich, “just-add-boiling-water” casserole-ish mix for the people of Haiti.

Every week of March, during Spring Break, the Campus Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ hosts a conference for our involved-students called Big Break. This year, in addition to talking about life in Christ with other students partying on the beach, the conference students will invite others to join them in humanitarian aid relief.

Partnering with GAiN, CCC’s global relief aid arm, the goal is to assemble 1 million meals during all four of March’s spring break weeks in Panama City Beach, FL.  At the time of the earthquake, GAiN had 1 million meals pre-positioned in Haiti in case of a catastrophic event.  They assumed that would be a hurricane, not an earthquake.

Mike with a packet of food for Haiti

When Mike and I were in Panama City Beach last week, we spent two afternoons with the students packing meals.  I was in tears the first day as I imagined the hope and relief these small packages of soy, rice, dehydrated vegetables and chicken flavoring would bring.  The tears kept coming when I noticed students writing prayers, Bible verses and other words of encouragement on the outside of the shipping boxes!

After the conference, the pallets of food will be loaded on to a ship, then sent directly to Haiti.  The students packed over 157,000 meals in three hours! We’re well on our way to the goal of 1 million meals!

Big Break

For some reason, God often uses conferences and events to draw students to a deeper commitment.  That’s why I’ve always been a fan of retreats, get-aways, and conferences.  I have friends who don’t care for these events, but I love them.  I love what God does in people’s lives when they pull away from their regular schedule and focus on what He has for them.

We’re on our way to Panama City Beach, FL for Big Break.  Big Break is a student spring break conference with the aim of encouraging students in their relationship with Christ and equipping them with the skills, experience and practice of sharing their faith.  It’s a week of faith steps and faith risks, of stepping out of a comfort zone and trusting God in big ways.

I’m giving three devotionals next week at Big Break, so I’d love your prayers. I have too much content for my timeframe, and I feel rusty. But more than that, I feel a great honor at getting time in front of 1200 students and I want to be a good steward of that time.

I know.  Realistically, how many people remember a conference talk 5 years later (ha, 5 minutes later?)? I don’t put that kind of pressure on myself. It’s more of a weight of responsibility to use the time well, and honor God with the preparation AND the presentation!

Next week the Big Break staff expect about 1200 students, with more than 2500 students cycling through the conference throughout the month of March (one spring break after another!).

Click here to see Big Break’s website.