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Magazine Models

Do you subscribe to Fast Company magazine?  If so, whip out your February edition and turn to the back, page 102.  See that pic in the bottom left of the happy people enjoying meaningful conversation with new friends (i.e. schmoozing)?  Yeah.  That’s us.  We’re in a magazine.  How wild is that??

Sarah & Mike in Fast Company Magazine

Back in November Mike and I attended a fascinating panel discussion on the “revitalization” of Harlem, our neighborhood, sponsored by Aloft Hotels and Fast Company magazine.  Architects, designers and community leaders sat on the panel and shared their stories, histories and experiences in the effort to  transform Harlem into the hot spot it is now: new restaurants, new hotels, new green spaces.  One person commented that Harlem hasn’t been revitalized, it’s simply continued the path of transformation down which all urban communities travel.

I met the architect who redesigned my favorite green space, turning it from a parking lot into a beautiful park with piers into the East River, places to sit and gaze at New Jersey, bike and roller blading paths, as well as a running trail.  I also met some of the people who lobbied for years for that park!

The event, hosted in the first hotel to open in Harlem in more than 40 years, included time to network with others and was catered by  Sylvia’s, a neighborhood restaurant known for it’s flavorful soul food.  Our infamous photo was snapped during that tasty hour.

Blog Readers

In response to my last post about wanting to keep up with blogs, Rebekah of Simply Rebekah gave me easy how-to steps to start up gReader, Google’s system to manage all your blogs. Now I log into reader.google.com each day, and gReader lists each post for me, like an email inbox.

All day, while I’m working or resting, gReader culls the outer reaches of the internet to collect the posts to which I’ve subscribed and then I can choose which posts to read, and which ones to file for later, or never.

Rebekah suggested that I switch my “feed settings” to “sort by oldest” so that they come in chronologically.  I like that system.  I did it.

I love it, for now I don’t have to search the internet for different websites because gReader does the work for me. When someone mentions a website or blog that sounds interesting, I simply add the address to my subscription list with gReader, and it collects posts for me to read.

It wasn’t hard to set up, either!  This is such a GREAT tool. I knew it existed, but I assumed it was hard or complicated to set up. I was so wrong, and I’m so happy now. What fun to discover helpful and interesting things like how to fold t-shirts quickly, Japanese style!


Resolution: a formal expression of opinion or intention made

Tis the season for resolutions.  And for the anti-resolutions camp to make some noise.  How many people follow through on resolutions made in January?  And why do we only make resolutions in January, as though one is not permitted to make a clean start on, say, October 26?  I know, new year, new start.  It feels crisp, and clean and new, and in the past I’ve put a lot of pressure on January!

Previous New Year’s resolutions including losing large amounts of weight in short periods of time.  I’m done with those kinds of resolutions, though I still long for some miracle pill/cure that will allow me to live without food boundaries and look like Heidi Klum.  I’m obsessed with the numbers on the scale.  When I awake each morning, I’m determined to work towards decreasing those numbers, but when an opportunity for indulgence arises, I leave my ascetic ways behind.  I long to find a healthy balance when it comes to my body, my weight, and the way that I eat and exercise.  But I’m NOT making a New Year’s resolution about it!

Instead, I’m going to resolve or “express an intention” for other positive steps:

1.  Floss daily.  OK, this is an annual New Year’s resolution for me.  I just can’t seem to get into the habit of daily flossing.  Good oral hygiene has been linked to a number of healthy benefits including reduced incidents of heart disease.  And who doesn’t want good teeth and fresh breath?

2.  Read the Bible in a Year.  Thanks to some friends in Texas, I have a community to read with!  We’re reading The Message version of the Bible, (it is written in common language and reads like a story) starting in Genesis and going through Revelation in 2011.  As a companion and introduction to each new book of the Bible, we’re reading Larry Crabb’s 66 Love Letters.  My friends are blogging about it, and inviting the online community to comment and get to know each other.  Click this if you want to check it out, or you want in.  It’s not too late to join us!

3.   Read daily. This is prompted by my friend Suzy who is championing reading on her blog Case for Books. In an entry on 29 December 2010, Suzy writes:  It is believed that the average person reads less than one book per year.  The average millionaire reads two books per week. Though my aim is not to be a millionaire, I do think reading is good for the head and the heart.  I love to read, and Suzy’s challenge to read for one hour a day is a great goal to shoot for, even if I fall short!

4.  Read blogs. I have great friends who are internet savvy, who blog and twitter and are linked in.  I do the same, but I have so much more to learn!  So this year I hope to read more blogs and learn to how to be internet savvy, using more pics and videos on our site.

These are some of the blogs I hope to follow more closely this year.  If you blog, or have a blog you love to follow, please let me know so I can add it to my personal list!

  • Jocelyn, a mom with three kids, is learning to “Dwell in Possibility” as she conquers her “40 Before I’m 40” list, and keeps me entertained along the way.
  • Kelly is unstoppable with her three kiddos, keeping track of “Our Family Ramblings” and informing me about great household products as well as cleaning and money saving tips.
  • Jenna stopped “Drinking to Distraction” and is writing about what she lost and what she gained.
  • Cathy is the Chief Conversation Starter at No Pressure Networking and helps independent professionals and organizations grow their business through networking and referrals.
  • Simply Rebekah” is all about being “frugal, green, and life in between”.  Stay-at-home Mom of one, Rebekah loves discovering helpful tips and passing them along.
  • I already mentioned Suzy’s blog, Case for Books.
  • I also mentioned Cici and Staci’s Bible reading blog.

I have lots of friends who blog.  Sadly, I can’t remember each one.  I’d like to learn how to manage the blogs I follow with an RSS Reader or whatever (obviously, I have a lot to learn!).

So there.  Those are some of my resolutions. I’m formally expressing my intentions to focus on just a few areas this year.

Big Truck

As Mike and I traveled from Delaware to Ohio, we spent Friday night with Mark and Cathy.  They surprised us by giving us a FlipVideo (thank you!), so I shot random footage during our drive the next day.  Here’s my first little video, capturing a sight I’ve never seen before:

I didn’t know they could make trucks THIS long… I thought the “double” trailer was trouble, but the “triple”?

I shot this with my FlipVideo Mino (thanks Mark & Cathy!) on a highway in either PA or OH on Saturday 14 August 2010.

A Special Day

photo by Franco Bouly

May 6 is a special day. On this day in 2007 Mike Evers wrote on my facebook wall, kicking off a 10-month, whirlwind, international romance resulting in our marriage two years ago.  And here we are today.

At that time, I was in Guatemala with my mom and one of my sisters, Chrissie.  Chrissie had made it to the end of her adoption process and she invited Mom and me to join her in Guatemala to bring home her 10-month old daughter.

Mike wrote on my wall and I responded in a message, after noting that he has also written on several other SINGLE women’s walls that day!  Yes, I looked!

I love having days and memories to celebrate.  Some people are surprised that I remember this day, but it became part of our story, and remembering the major events in our story reminds me of how special our story truly is.  God moved heaven and earth to connect us together!

Our next “Special Day” to celebrate is in June:  our first date!

Ivanka Retweeted Me!

Ivanka Trump IvankaTrump Thanks Sarah. Tell your friends that my book is now out in paper back! RT @SarahGaleEvers Enjoying @IvankaTrump ‘s book THE TRUMP CARD

Um, yes.  That’s Ivanka Trump retweeting me when I mentioned her book in one of my tweets today.  I think that’s kinda cool… ok, I think it’s really cool.  I’m following her on Twitter, but no, she’s not following me.

So my fascination with Ivanka Trump started when I watched her on The Celebrity Apprentice. I was impressed with her observations and input.  I knew she graduated from Penn, so she has a good head on her shoulders.   But how did she survive growing up in a privileged family when so many of her peers and fellow heiresses are making news for everything other than their academic performance?   That question sent me to my local library to get her recent book, The Trump Card. (Check out my reading list).

By the way, Ivanka wanted me to let you know that her book is now out in paperback.


Yesterday I attended two seminars hosted by The Wealth Building Annex of Tampa, FL.  I felt like I was drinking from the fire hydrant!  For weeks I’ve been slowly trying to figure out how to build out this WordPress site, and I’ve struggled!  But the morning seminar was all about blogging, including some great tips to make the most of your personal site.  The evening session talked about branding yourself so that you and your mission stand out in the crowd.

These are not the usual kinds of seminars for people like me who are involved in faith-based non-profits, ministries and churches.  It almost seems like an oxymoron for a missionary to think about branding, right?  Well, I would’ve agreed with that statement before my day in Tampa!

I’m so grateful to my friends Nile & Rosemary for inviting me to this incredible day.  I’m starting to incorporate some of the nuggets I gleaned from those insightful people, and I’m excited about the things I have yet to learn!  (Keep an eye out for videos one day soon!)